Promoting rural tourism…


Communication Technologies

We set up communication technologies to your organization. School, Businesses, government offices and private house can be benefited by this.

Business Analysis

Our expert and intelligence unit will analyse your business performance and can help you grow.


We help you to set up media house, production trainings, research and development, web development and hosting services. You can take us as your media advisor as well, if necessary.

What is Mirmee Foundation?

Mirmee Foundation is a visionary organization which leads rural areas towards a well-developed, peaceful and economically sustained society having specific products of that area. We integrate think-tanks to young executives in any form of socially responsible organizations.

Our Team

We are a group of people from different countries and locations living in different countries and have a common goal of eradicating poverty and leading new generation towards a creative good jobs.


Want to help us?

Join our team and you can attend in remote meetings and discussions.

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