Bikes or scooters has been an essential part of our daily life either by compulsion or by compassion or both… For me it’s both like anyone else…Interesting advantage of two wheelers unlike other big vehicles is it can cross the traffic jam even from smaller gaps available on road..Most of time I feel so triumphantly bold while driving in high speed especially on suburban areas with less vehicular density and smooth pitched roads… Its been one of my favorite reason I love driving my bike too…

Why so much life threatening accidents with two wheelers then?

1. Geographic Complexion of our country

2. No hard and fast rule for speed limit in our roads

3. Drinking and driving

4. Overconfidence of inexperienced driver

Accidental mishaps can’t be prevented but it can be controlled for sure.Lets see it from physics point of view… Greater the force of collision of two masses, higher with the impact on each other. Here the impact indicates sustaining injuries by drivers of two collided bikes.. What if force of collision is lesser by controlling speed of our vehicles we are driving, definitely the intensity of resulting injury from collision is going to be less severe or let’s say not threating to human life..

Adhere to the speed protocols that is permitted in the particular areas, speed limit is different for urban, sub urban, cities and sharp bends…

Also there is a myth regarding two wheelers, if we drive in greater speed, lesser will be consumption of fuel.. This myth might also encourage to cross the speed limit than permitted..

Make sure helmets are well tightened because helmets serves the purpose of preventing fatal head injuries, most weakest part of head, it lies above the ear on both sides…Helmet provides cushioning effect to the bones of head during impact of force from collision and prevents severe head injury, which is most common cause of death..

Let’s take an example of speed breakers that we encounter on road while driving, there is no way other than to slow than the accelerator before taking off the speed breakers….. Applying the law of physics once again, what if we don’t slow down in speed breakers, depending on force of collision we hit the breaker, the breaker will make the biker fall right there or fall off after smaller flight few distances away from breaker..

So safety begins right from us before we seek it from others while driving…. Make sure we are driving safe for ourselves and for others from my side.

Have safe riding.. Best wishes…

Author: Mirmee Reporter-BN

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