Honey hunting in Nepal

Honey hunting is one of the most daunting tasks possible on this earth. Have you ever witnessed the process of bee hunting/ honey hunting? From the spectator point of view as well, there can’t be any adrenaline sight over the globe than this. The best of bee hunting can only be witnessed in Nepal. The reason is pretty apparent though; this antique trick was invented about 10,000 years back here.

Nepali Honey is Exclusive

It’s a whole art, and the honey hunting practice is just impracticable without the requisite stuffs. Make sure you are having a rope hierarchy, a fire setter, and more importantly, a colossal bravery. Generally, the process of such hunting is performed a couple of times in twelve months period at the Himalayan zones of Nepal. Nepali honey is such special, as the honey bee here is also pretty special. We are talking about Apis laboriosa, which is quite double in size as of a conventional honey bee. The distinguishing part is that these bees are found exclusively in the Himalayas.

The Methods

The hunters need to reach the gigantic height of about 10,000 feet to invade through the honey buckets. Incredible is something the stringency of these nests. One such nest can sustain about seventy kilograms of honey. It is here to mention that these honeys are much higher in price than the conventional kinds, and these are worth it. Authenticity with honey can’t be any finer than these. In addition, they possess professed therapeutic value.
Being specific, the Gurung tribes in Nepal are considered to be the masters of honey hunting in Nepal. They use the most revamped equipment for honey hunting purpose. The tangos they use are too adept to jab through and demolish the containers, those are kept over unapproachable preach confronting towards the sun rays. Remember, this is not an activity of a single day. Generally, this is a matter of three days. The beekeepers usually follow a ritual of conciliating the local God for the sleekness of the entire hunting action.

The Other Ways

There are other methods of honey hunting available as well, apart from the straight attacks. Some hunters in Nepal prefer the process of hunting through the help of nets. Whichever the way it may be, but the most crucial part has been always to spot out the right destinations. The hunters need to be physically very fit to sot these hives. In fact, some thoroughly experienced hunters can climb themselves to a height of about 2,500 feet. Fires or mostly the smolder through the help of long bamboos are used to anaesthetize the bees. The containers are kept underneath to accumulate the dropping honey.


The ease, at which we mentioned the entire things over here, is much more off-putting in reality to perform. It’s a complete team work and any mere mistake can be extremely brutal. It’s the hunters those consider the whole affair pretty much as a social thing, otherwise one would look for perfectly furnished mechanical devices for the tasks to be performed. However, the joy in the face of the hunters after a successful collection of honey is worth watching.

Author: Mirmee Reporter

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