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There might be different reasons for a traveler to spend times in visiting different parts. But for a foodie, the utmost one is certainly discovering the saliva dragging items. Being packed with breath-taking views, appealing natural parks, and soothing hill stations, Nepal has been witnessing voluptuous travelers each year. Naturally, they love to discover something exciting and new on plate and Nepal has been thoroughly provoking on this matter. The biggest factor that makes Nepal a great food hub is its eclectic ethnicity. Interestingly, all these ethnic groups have distinguishing traditions, idiom, and most importantly, foods.

Especially, the foods of here have been fascinating through the handy fine-tune with the most accepted recipes of the neighboring nations. Sticking with the naturally produced spices, and minimizing the oil and fat content to a healthy low, still making it delicious and dietetic has been the reasons behind the grueling popularity of these foods.

On this context, here we offer the line-up of ten most popular dishes those are a must in lifetime try. It can live up to the expectations of any foodie.


Dal Bhat Tarkari

It’s a combination that every Nepali loves, and in fact can’t live without. Dal basically refers to pulse and Bhat means rice. Bhat is primarily prepared by boiling the rice, and dal is a kind of soup of the pulses (sometimes spiced though). Though bhat and dal are combined prior eating, the complementary role of tarkari (curry) is also very crucial. You can make the plate look even beautiful putting the pickles by side. Dal and bhat remain common, and the tarkari (curry) can be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Vegetarian curries are mostly the combination of different vegetable. Among the non-vegetarian recipes, the chicken and dahi-maach (a curry prepared through the combination of yogurt and fish) are most famous.

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