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What is UTC or GMT time zones?

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While studying in school, we were taught GMT, the abbreviated form of Greenwich Meridian Time (the time at England) and it’s used for standardization of time. The purpose was to make it a standard method of sharing time or to convert local time to align in a common time zone. But these days UTC is commonly used format of time. UTC stands for Universal Time Coordinated. UTC is a successor to Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT), although their exact definitions differ, and although GMT is no longer used within the worldwide community of scientists.

There are 24 time zones in the world. And time zone frame is below:

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Let`s say you live in Tokyo. Tokyo time zone is : UTC+9 Hours. Tokyo is 9 hours before Greenwich time. For example if its 10:00 Hours in Greenwich, London, UK. Tokyo time is: 10+9= 19:00 Hours.

Kathmandu is UTC+5:45 Hours.

Malaysia is UTC+8:00 Hours