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20 Worst Lies Every Couple Tell Each other In A Relationship

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The person who thinks that their relationship isn’t standing on a foundation of millions of tiny, little lies, then they’re just lying to themselves.

We bring you some of the worst lies people tell in relationships with each other.

1. What a weekend!

When you’re partner spends the Saturday pretending he actually enjoyed the shopping, then you pretend all Sunday that you love football when you give a shit about the game, pretending is one of the worst lies.


2. I am almost ready!

Women tell this quite often when they get ready for an outing or a party. They feel they don’t need to get into details of how long the hair takes, the bra or the panties didn’t match, the lipstick or make-up was not satisfactory, she had to run to the toilet.


3. There was nothing much!

In the past, whether they were engaged, living together or just had amazing $3x, none of that needs to be informed to the current partner. So, an attitude that there was nothing much in that relationship is the worst lie to cut a long story short.


4. I was very busy…

There seems no need to share that it was a work dinner with a hot client or coffee with a handsome co-worker, the worst lies you can absolutely say is I was very busy at the office.


5. No, never!

How many of your friends you’ve hooked up with, when you were drunk, sober or a quickie, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, and what they do will just make them hate your friends, so the lies that bring peace is to deny and no need to admit, either.


6. You’re so big!

He may not be the biggest, but right here, right now, he is. He’s the only guy you’re with, so he’s the only one you’re comparing him to, even if you’ve seen bigger than his. Keep the man happy by telling this worst lie. What’s the problem?


7. Your friends are Ok!

Whether you think her best friend is actually really hot or his best friend is a total douchebag, you’ll never let out the truth. Even not saying is the worst lie in itself.

8. Your the hottest!

Even if your exes looked like Jennifer Lopez or had a built like Tom Brady. This is the worst lie you will tell, ‘your hot!’ to the one you adore right now.


9. I’m doing my workouts!

How much you actually work out, your partner doesn’t need to know when you say you’re going to the gym you’re really just eating donuts on your treadmill on speed level 3.


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Some facts that people didn’t know about nepal

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Nepal is called as Amazon of Asia. The hidden treasure of its rich biodiversity is not yet fully explored.
The most baffling fact about Nepal is that all of the following happens within the Small area of 147,181 sq. km (56,827 sq. mi). Nepal occupies only 0.3 and 0.03 percentage of land area of Asia and the world respectively.

Nepal is the only country in world with non-quadrilateral national flag

Kathmandu has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other city in the world.

Lumbini, Nepal- Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha.

Nepal is the only country with altitudinal variation that ranges from 70 meters to 8848 meters.
So, Nepal boasts the most extreme places on the earth such as the highest lake on the earth (Tilicho 4800 meters), the deepest gorges (1200 meter)
in Kaligandaki, the highest valley on earth (Arun valley) and the tallest grassland in the world in Chitwan.
Not to forget, Nepal has 8 out of the world’s 14 highest mountains including the Mount Everest.

Nepal is a habitat for 900 species of birds i.e. about 8% of world’s total bird species. 
Arguably more than the whole continent of Europe and North Africa combined. This makes it a wonderland for bird watching.

Nepal has 4.2% of the world’s butterfly species which is over 650 species of butterflies.

Nepal harbors 5980 species of flowering plants which covers 2.4% of the world’s total. Over 250 species of the flowering plants are endemic in Nepal i.e. It is not found anywhere else in the world.

In a span of 100 km going from South to North at any part of Nepal you can experience hot tropical climate to bone chilling Arctic type weather.

Nepal boasts few of the world’s most popular trekking trails such as Annapurna Circuit trekking and Everest Base Camp Trek.
The Annapurna region was voted one of the top 10 best trekking places on earth.

Highest altitude hotel
The  Hotel Everest View above Namche, Nepal – the village closest to Everest  base camp – is at a record height of 3,962 m (13,000 ft).

World’s most extreme (longest, steepest and fastest) zip-line is built at Sarangkot.
A zip-line rider rides down the cable for two kilometers and gets to view surrounding peaks of Machhapuchhre and Annapurna.

Dhodhara Chadani suspension bridge is one of the longest in Asia with length of 1496 m.

Nepal is the oldest country of South Asia, and it was never colonized.
This must be one of the most interesting part of Nepal. Countries like India and China who surround Nepal were ruled by foreign powers in the history but no power could suppress Nepalese and the will of legendary Gurkhas in taking over Nepal. Gurkhas are also well known for their leadership, bravery, courage and no-fear nature that they showed in the World Wars.

Nepal is the only country in the world home to a living goddess, the Kumari.

Nepal is the only country in the world to not have a time offset in multiples of 30 minutes from UTC. The time zone here is GMT+ 5:45.

Unlike Other countries, Nepal has Saturday as public holiday, not Sunday.

Not a single drop of blood has ever been shed in Nepal in the name of Religious And Ethnic riot. 
Nepal has over 80 ethnic groups and 123 Languages (Mother Tongue).
Something for the world to learn, I guess. Unity in Diversity.

Nepal was once named as the weed capital.

Highest marathon
The  highest start to a marathon is for the biennially-held Everest  Marathon, first run on 27 November 1987. It begins at Gorak Shep, 5,212 m  (17,100 ft) and ends at Namche Bazar, 3,444 m (11,300 ft).

Lukla airport- One of the most dangerous Airport in the World.

Nepali New Year: This is celebrated in mid-April.
We have our own calendar Vikram Samvat which is 57 years & 8.5 months ahead of Georgian Calendar (current year is V. S. 2072).


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एसइइ परिक्षामा पर्वतको कुस्माबजार स्थित कालीगण्डकी एकेडेमीकी छात्रा अञ्जली पुरी नेपाल टप

यस बर्षको एसइइ परिक्षामा पर्वतको कुस्माबजार स्थित कालीगण्डकी एकेडेमीकी छात्रा अञ्जली पुरीले नेपाल टप गरेकाी छन ।

छात्रा पुरीले सबै बिषयमा ए प्लस सहित ४.०० जिपीए अंक सहित एसइइ उर्तीण गरेका कारण नेपाल टप गरेको दाबी बिद्यालयले गरेको हो ।

अहिले सम्म ४.०० जिपीए अंक ल्याउने बिद्यार्थी अञ्जली मात्र देखिएकी छन । ‘अञ्जलीले नेपाल टप गरेको हाम्रो दाबी छ’ बिद्यालयका प्रिन्सीपल बसन्तकुमार कर्माचार्यले बताए ।

सानै देखि प्रतिभावान छात्रा अञ्जली छात्रबृत्तिमा अध्ययन गर्दै आएकी थिइन । उनका बुवा देबेन्द्र पुरी बहिरा छन भने आमा तुल्सी पुरी पनि बहिरा संघ बागलुङ्गमा कार्यरत छन । उनले एनसर नेपालको पुुर्ण छात्रबृत्तिमा अध्ययन गर्दै आएकी थिइन । पर्वतकै मोदी गाउँपालिका वडा नं ६ गिज्यानका स्थायी बासिन्दा पुरी परिवार पछिल्लोसमय कुस्मा नगरपालिका वडा नं ७ मा बस्दै आएका छन ।

कालीगण्डकी एकेडेमीबाट परिक्षा दिएका अन्य बिद्यार्थीमा एक जनाले ३.९५ जिपिए र ६ जनाले ३.९० जिपीए, ३.८५ ६ जना, ३.८० जिपीए ३ , ३.७५ २ जना, ३.७० ४ जना, ३.६५ २ जना, ३.६० ५ जना र ३.५ मा २ जना जिपीए सहित उर्तिण भएका छन ।

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सतर्क रहनुहोस : Pls Share

बिशेषगरि हिंजोदेखि भारत( राजस्थान, लखनउ, उत्तर प्रदेश लगायत ) बाट नेपालतर्फ आएको आंधी ( Dust Strom ) को कारण धुलो मिसिएको हिलेबर्षा तथा माटेबर्षा भइरहेको छ । वायुमण्डलमा धूलो सघन रहंदा यस्तो बर्षामा बिभिन्न हानिकारक पदार्थ, रासायनिक पदार्थ, जीवाणु आदि समेत हुने भएकोले केहि दिन बर्षाको पानी प्रयोग नगर्नुहोला । यस्तो पानी संकलन नगर्नुहोला । यो पानीको सेवन गरेमा झाडाबान्ता, टाइफाइड, जन्डिसजन्य समस्या, छालाको एलर्जी, आँखाको एलर्जी तथा अन्य महामारी फैलिने सम्भावना हुन्छ ।

कथंकदाचित हिंजोको पानी ट्यांकीको पानीमा मिसिएको छ भने उक्त पानी निकालेर ट्यांकी सफा गर्नुहोला वा पानीमा क्लोरिन चक्की, पियुष आदि राखेर, उक्त पानीलाई फिल्टर गरेर एबम १५ मिनेट उमालेर मात्र प्रयोग गर्नुहोला ।

सकभर यस्तो पानीमा नभिज्नुहोला । पानी नपर्ने समयमा पनि उक्त मसिनो धुलोबाट बच्न राम्रो गुणस्तरको मास्क लगाउने, आँखा पुरै छोपिने चस्मा तथा शरीर पुरै छोपिने खालका कपडाको प्रयोग गर्नुहोला । बालबालिका, बृद्धबृद्धा, बिरामी तथा श्वासप्रश्वासका बिरामीलाई बिशेष ख्याल गर्नुहोला।

जनचेतनाको लागि डा. रवीन्द्र पाण्डे, जनस्वास्थ्य बिज्ञ


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1). Never raise your voice for any reason to your husband. Its a sign of disrespect.(Prov 15v1)

2). Don’t expose your husband’s weaknesses toyour family and friends. It will bounce back at you.You are each other’s keeper.(Eph 5v12)

3). Never use attitudes and moods to communicate to your husband, you never know how your husband will interpret them. Defensive women don’t have a happy home.(Prov 15v13)

4). Never compare your husband to other men, you’ve no idea what their life is all about. If you attack his Ego, his Love for you will diminish.

5). Never ill treat your husband’s friends because you don’t like them, the person who’s supposed to get rid of them is your husband.(Prov 11v22)

6). Never forget that your husband married you, not your maid or anyone else. Do your duties.(Gen 2v24)

7). Never assign anyone to give attention to your husband, people may do everything else but your husband is your own responsibility.(Eph 5v33)

8). Never blame your husband if he comes back home empty handed. Rather encourage him.(Deut 3v28)

9). Never be a wasteful wife, your husband’s sweat is too precious to be wasted.

10). Never pretend to be sick for the purpose of denying your husband sex. You must give it to him how he wants it. Sex is very important to Men, if you keep denying him, it is a matter of time before another woman takes over theat duty. No man can withstand sex starvation for too long(even the anointed ones) (SS 7v12)

11). Never compare your husband to your one time sex mate in bedroom, or an Ex-lover. Your home may Never recover from it if you do.(SS 5v9)

12). Never answer for your husband in public opinion polls, let him handle what is directed to him although he may answer for you in public opinion polls.(Prov 31v23)

13). Never shout or challenge your husband in front of children. Wise Women don’t do that.(Eph 4v31)

14). Don’t forget to check the smartness of your husband before he checks out.(Prov 12v4)

15). Never allow your friends to be too close to your husband.

16). Never be in a hurry in the bathroom and on the dressing table. Out there your husband is always surrounded by women who took their time on their looks.( 1 Sam25v3)

17). Your parents or family or friends do not have the final say in your marriage. Don’t waste your time looking up to them for a final word. You must Leave if you want to Cleave.(Luke 21v16)

18). Never base your love on monetary things. Will you still submit to him even if you earn more money than him?

19). Don’t forget that husbands want attention and good listeners, never be too busy for him. Good communication is the bed rock of every happy home. (Gal 6v9)

20). If your idea worked better than his, never compare yourself to him. Its always teamwork.(Gal 6v10)

21). Don’t be too judgemental to your husband. No man wants a Nagging wife.(Eph 4v29)

22). A lazy wife is a careless wife. She doesn’t even know that her body needs a bath.(Prov 24v27)(Prov 20v13)

23). Does your husband like a kind of cooked food?, try to change your cooking. No man jokes with food. (Prov 31v14)

24). Never be too demanding to your husband,enjoy every moment, resource as it comes.(Luke 11v3)

25). Make a glass of water the very first welcome to your husband and everyone entering your home. Sweetness of attitude is true beauty. (Prov 31v11)

26). Don’t associate with women who have a wrong mental attitude about marriage.(Prov 22v14)

27). Your marriage is as valuable to you as the value that you give it. Recklessness is unacceptable.(Heb 13v4)

28). Fruit of the womb is a blessing from the Lord, love your children and teach them well.(Prov 22v6)

29). You are never too old to influence your home. Never reduce your care for your family for any reason. (Prov 31v28)

30). A prayerful wife is a better equipped wife, pray always for your husband and family(1 Thess 5v17)

Have a lovely day….. God bless u all.

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